Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring photo session

I had the privilege to take photos of my cousin Dustin's family.  His wife Anne and I have become very close and she asked me to take family photos and some of their 9 month old Brayden for Easter/Spring.  I met up with them on Monday before driving back to Austin and we headed out to a local park.  Brayden wasn't in the best mood since it was around his nap time but we managed to get quite a few great photos.

 aren't they adorable?!

We finally decided he had, had enough sun and they needed to get home for his nap so we packed up and headed back to the car.

he was ready to go

I brought along my girls as well since we were on our way back to Austin so I had to take the opportunity and snap a few photos of them as well.

they were tired of the heat and ready to go as well

we were all starving so we grabbed a quick lunch then I was on my way

love this girl!

sweet dreams lil' one

I think my first photo shoot went pretty well but it helps when you have such adorable subjects :)


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

The pictures look great! What a cute family they are!

Erin said...

That little boy is so precious =)

Faith said...

late comment but this was a suggested post so i had to read :)

great pics jenn! i know you've improved so much more since last year! i always look forward to seeing more of your photography work- also, take pics super early in the day or late in the day to avoid shadows; much better for lighting when the sun isn't up too high. :)