Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why baseball rules our lives

(A little back story before I get to the World Series post) 

photo of a photo in the paper
this is Allen as Senior in high school

Allen has been involved with baseball his entire life.  He played as a kid and excelled in high school.  He was also a star soccer player in high school but he was more interested in baseball so he gave up soccer after graduation to play baseball in college.  He has won many awards, has a few titles under his belt, he's been on the front of the sports page in the paper and still to this day has a top ten batting average in the 4A state tournament.  After graduating college and a having ACL reconstructive surgery, he decided to pursue the coaching aspect of baseball.  He's coached a variety of ages (from middle school to college) but right now he is involved in pre-college baseball preparation.  He is also involved in scouting for the Yankees.  His parents have been their every step of the way and their love for baseball is evident in a regular conversation.  Every story they tell about Allen is baseball based.  Their tv is rarely on a regular channel but usually fixed on a sports channel.  His Dad, when not at work, wears his favorite shirt from Allen's ball playing years and his Mom can spout off stats and player names that most women don't have in their repertoire.  Needless to say, his is a baseball family.

photo of a photo
this is Allen as a Junior at TLU

I grew up in a family that enjoyed sports.  I played soccer for many, many years and my brother played a variety of sports.  We thought of ball games as a good social activity and went every chance we got.  But we didn't eat, sleep and breath them.  For me that all changed the day I met Allen.  You cannot be around him for 5 minutes and not have the converstation turn to some sort of baseball talk.  He is constantly practicing his pitch in the living room, bedroom or backyard.  He is always on the phone with coaches, recruiters, scouts, parents and players.  The amount of baseball paraphenalia in our house would make most women cringe.  But I've come to accept his baseball love and have grown to have an enormous appreciation for one of the things in life that helped shape the person he is today.  If it weren't for baseball I don't know what Allen would be like.  It's his world.
And the Texas Rangers have always been his team.  His Dad turned 65 this year and Allen just knew that if the Rangers made it to the World Series, he would for sure be taking him.  So when they clenced the ALCS title over the Yankees Allen immediately started hunting down tickets.  When he started looking, he decided that he didn't want to leave out his Mom and I so he found 4 tickets for game 4 on Sunday, October 31st, pressed purchase and winced when he saw the grand total.  The tickets were a pretty penny but it would be worth it.
Game 1 came and with it came a loss then a repeat of that in game 2.  Game 3 brought the Rangers back home to Texas and with it a win.  This brings us up to Sunday when we were there to watch game 4 of the World Series.
(World Series post to come)

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