Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's on my phone

So I'm linking up again today with the HunDuddle Hussy to show you all the randomness I capture on my phone
It's pretty entertaining when you look back to see what all you've taken a photo of and try to remember the exact reason you did so . . .

my pretty Bella watching me work at my craft desk last week

beautiful shot of Congress last week after we finished with our engagement shoot


my cute fiance as he was getting ready to head out of town for the high school baseball tournament


quick photo op with my love

an impressive curly fry from the lovely Burger Street - I should of taken a photo of their amazing lemonade slush but I couldn't quit drinking it!

me being a complete goofball (myself) at a party supply store.  For a mere couple of $'s you can have a few dead looking doves and this gorgeous lace parasol for your wedding . . . just gorgeous!
(please note the intended sarcasm)

after spending over $100 at the grocery store, I was granted a lovely 10 cents off each gallon of gas . . . at least I saved something!

I had a wonderful weekend with the extra day off from work yesterday so I'll get around to posting more soon.  I just can't ever convince myself to get on blogger when I'm off from work

Happy Tuesday!


Annie said...

cute pic of you and your man!
i want some of those curly fries!! yum!
and bella is jsut adorable :)

HunDuddle Hussy said...

ur hubby has quite nice teeth. i love u and the umbrella :) that made me smile.