Friday, March 16, 2012

eleven {twelve} eleven: bloopers

Awhile back when I approached the idea to show some of our "goofier" photos from our wedding, Lindsey suggested that I send out a photo to a blogger and have them caption it instead of me actually trying to remember or explain what was going on in each photo.   I loved this idea, but completely forgot about it until a few days ago when I announced I was going to show our photos all in one week. I sent out requests to a few bloggers and the following are their captions that were sent to me.  These will prove to you that I am capable of making some amazing faces and I can laugh at myself all day long.

I got a kick out of these captions and I hope you will too - enjoy!

Sarah from Life is what you make it  wrote:
Allie - "the center pieces are ALL WRONG! I hate them!"

MJ from Teaching in Heels wrote:
"Why aren't my bridesmaids paying attention to me?"

Erin of Living in Yellow wrote:
Allen - "I knew we shouldn't have went with the baked beans for one of the side items..."
Jenn - "Honey, its just like our love. If you keep it in, you will explode. But let it out and you will feel like a whole new man."

Emily from Bases Loaded wrote:
"Umm didn't I give you deodorant in your bridesmaid emergency kit??"

Aly of Analyze this wrote:
Allen - "No Jenn, I'm the Mr you're the Mrs!"

AP of I Love You More than Carrots wrote:
"You said she was your SECOND cousin!!" 

Emily from Just the two of us wrote:
"OOO someone needs dance classes, or to drink less"

So what would you caption this last photo?

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Ashlee Miller said...

BAHAHAHAHA these captions are great!

Emily said...

OMG I love it, and glad I could contribute! = )

"I still have at least another hour left where everyone does as I say so please scratch the itch on my nose"

Joeylee said...

Hehe these are too funny!! Love it

Beth Ann said...

"Ohhh...I thought you knew we put the honeymoon on your credit card..."

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Oh my gosh... I think I even snorted while laughing at some of these captions. Hilarious!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...
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Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

oh man! thanks for the laugh this morning! All of them were so funny!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Love them :) Your pictures all this week were gorgeous!!

Miss K said...

this is hilarious! great idea for a psot!

Katie said...

Too cute! I should send you all my bloopers so you can caption them!

Jamie said...

ha! love all the captions!