Sunday, March 11, 2012

eleven {twelve} eleven: our wedding ceremony

my brother walking my Grandma Shields down the aisle

and then walking Gramma Dennis down the aisle
(she insisted on walking down the aisle, even though a wheelchair would have been easier on her)

Allen walking his Mom down the aisle

Sandy lighting the groom candle

my brother walking my Mom down the aisle

my Mom lighting the bride candle



Ava and Leslie
(she was quite scared)

Mason and Brenham
(they weren't scared at all!)

my Dad and I making our grand entrance
(you can't tell but I'm for sure crying here)

seeing Allen's face as I walked down the aisle

my Dad giving me away 

Sam reading 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Justin reading Mark 10:6-9

I truly love this photo and especially our reflection in the marble floors

saying our vows

exchanging rings

lighting our unity candle

listening to my Dad and Anne sing as we come back to our designated spot

my Dad and Anne sang "God Gave Me You" 

the kiss (he never let go of my hand the whole ceremony!)

Mr. & Mrs. Roberts!!

I'm just a little bit excited here

my wonderful parents 

my wonderful mother & father in law

Our ceremony was so perfect for us.
I will never forget Allen's face when I first saw him and how I knew he was holding back tears as he was seeing me.  I,  however, was a shaky mess and started crying as soon as they opened the doors for my Dad and I.
We had so many meaningful moments including lighting the candle Allen's grandparents gave us earlier in the year, my brother reading scripture, Sam (married to Allen's sister Jenny) reading scripture, my Dad and cousin Anne singing, the organist from my parents wedding playing the organ for our wedding and of course having my Gramma in attendance was an especially big highlight to our wedding day.
The only thing I would go back and change (other than the florist getting those neon green ribbons for the pew flowers completely wrong) would be actually attempting to wear my blue shoes during the ceremony instead of my glitter flats but I was just too afraid they would slip off my heel and I would fall.  I wore them during our photos before the ceremony and had such a hard time with them unfortunately.
The church was beautiful, we had our families (minus Allen's grandparents who we missed terribly) in attendance and we were getting married . . . absolute perfection to me.
I said "I do" to my best friend that 12th day of November and it is a day I will never forget

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LWLH said...

What a beautiful ceremony!!

Whitney said...

That church is so gorgeous!! Your ceremony looked beautiful :)

Emily said...

Love the photo of Allen seeing you, such a sweet moment!

Vicki said...

You were a gorgeous bride! Your pictures are stunning! The church is so pretty! And I heart the picture of Allen seeing you - priceless!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

EVERYTHING looked so beautiful Jenn!

That does not look like Allen's mom! before I read that caption I thought it was his sister!

Ashlee Miller said...

I love the picture of you walking down the aisle with Allen looking at you! What a great picture! You were a stunning bride!

Nichole said...

What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing

lovingmomma @ Happy As A Lark said...

Beautiful photos!! I am a new follower. I have tagged you on my blog here :)

Morgan said...

So beautiful! The church is breathtaking!

Brown Girl said...

Beautiful, everything looked so pretty!

Miss K said...

beautiful, you guys got some GORGEOUS shots! can't wait to see the rest!

Katie said...

Gorgeous wedding! The church is so beautiful, too!

Heather said...


Jamie said...

Simply beautiful!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I am SO LOVING where y'all got married!!!!!!! And that picture of Allen looking at you while you are walking down the aisle is priceless!!!!

Your wedding was GORGEOUS!!!!

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