Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Randoms

~  Just a reminder that I finally posted our Honeymoon photos ( part one & part two ).  We've almost been married 6 months so it was about time I got the photos sorted and posted.   I wish I were back in the Dominican right now, laying on the beach with a frozen drink in my hand next to this blue eyed hottie . . . 


~  I'm bored with my hair.  I love the length and actually can't wait for it to be longer but I've thought a lot recently about changing up the color a bit.  Although every time I attempt to have highlights put in, they never look how I'm expecting and I get disappointed.  Then I grab a box of my favorite hair color and dye it all back to one color.  
So I'm debating (major emphasis on debating) getting some highlights or the like put into my hair.  I've got three examples and would love some feedback from all you lovely ladies.
First is the amazing subtle ombre color that Molly first tweeted then Ashley said she was going to do as well - it's pretty but I'm just not sure I'm "cool" enough for an ombre look and it's more drastic then the other choices

then there's this coloring which is way more natural to me and I'm very drawn to it.  I feel like this one would be an easy transition and not so blonde on brown.  I love this one almost as much as I love the one below it.

This last one is totally me and most would probably say that it's boring but I absolutely love it. It's glossy and dark which is my favorite 

So which one do you love the most?

~  So my Mom and my Mother-in-law can stop reading this paragraph now because I just have to talk about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.  I've finished the first book and already a few chapters into the second.  Right off the bat I can tell you I've never read anything like this and honestly they're a bit much.  I can only read about someone having sex every other page before I get sick of it.  I understand the appeal of the books and they aren't bad, they're just not reality.  At least not my reality.  I feel like I need a dictionary or wikipedia to translate some of the verb-age and it's just way out of my league.  I'm not a prude by any means but these books just go into something that I have no clue about.
Ana gets mad and bites her lip or rolls her eyes, Christian looks at her with his "smouldering grey eyes" and she's putty immediately then it goes right into very descriptive sex.  It's actually annoying how much the same scenarios are repeated over and over again yet we're supposed to think they are some amazing couple.  Everyone keeps saying that books two and three are way better than the first and I'm seriously just waiting to get to something that I can actually read without rolling my eyes at both of the characters.  And we all know where rolling your eyes gets you and I'd rather stay in my bubble and not know what "punishment" is.
I'm trying not to give too much detail if you haven't read the books but I just had to write about how I really feel about them.  They're a quick read and enjoyable for the most part but I just have my own opinions about how the storyline is playing out.

~  I know I didn't pay full retail for this Fossil purse but I bought it new with tags on April 1st and the wear on the leopard print is so bad only 26 days later.  I'm upset that it looks so bad because I really love this purse.  I would be absolutely livid if I'd spent the actual retail price of $208.
This really makes me doubt the quality of expensive bags and I already want to stop carrying it

This is going to be another relaxing weekend for the most part except for the 4 signs I've got to finish painting before Monday
Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


SG to SP said...

Agree with you 100% on Fifty Shades and wrote a similar post about it the other day, not sure yet if I will bother with the next two books.

LEA said...

I LOVE that second pic with the almost reddish highlights!!

Sonja said...

I love Jessica Biel's hair in that photo. The color just flows together and I think it could be a year round look!

I think I'm the only one who isn't reading that series. From what I've heard it's a lot of smut and like you that's not my thing. I also heard it was like the Twilight fan fiction which I'll admit to being a nerd about and I do read some ha! but I just can't bring myself to read this series. I know you wanted to do a book swap but I will just let you borrow the bloggess's (?) book when I'm done! LOL

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I love the hair in the second pic!!

I haven't jumped on the bandwagon with this series yet either...but this is the first non-amazing review I've read. I'll probably get suckered into reading it just to see what all the hype is about!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

jenn, you can totally pull of the ombre look. DO IT!

But I also like the next two, so really I'm no help! you'll look great no matter.

Ashlee Miller said...

I'm just getting to the middle of the first book and can see where your coming from. Hopefully they get better. OMG I can't believe your purse has done that already! Thank goodness you didn't pay full price. I would complain sometimes Fossil will do something about it.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I'm about half way through the 2nd Shades book and it does get better. There is still an exorbitant amount of sex, but you start to actually give a crap about the characters. Stick with it, if you've survived the first one, you might actually like the 2nd.

Christina said...

I love the second hair pic! So pretty! Bummer about that purse!