Wednesday, April 11, 2012

scenes from the weekend

Allie and Uncle Allen time

Mason-man caught by surprise

Brenham at 1st base

potty break for Mason & Uncle Allen

Allie says "cheese"

Brenham up to bat

had to

waiting for Brenham

our lil' all-star

bro & sis-in-law at Easter dinner (she's 20 weeks now!)
{from my mom's camera}

Easter dinner at Maggiano's
{from my mom's camera}

offering me one of her quarters

Allie after emptying her basket

coloring in their new books

the kids always think Uncle Allen is a jungle-gym

our 1st Easter as Mr & Mrs

Aunt Kay & I after stuffing our bellies
{from my mom's camera}

I just loved how you can see it's raining and Aunt Kay took this photo under an umbrella
{from my mom's camera}

my parents, Allen & I on Easter
{from my mom's camera}

butterflies and bees have taken over our front bushes

I'm okay with photographing butterflies however Allen enjoyed photographing the bees

Allen's photo of a pollen-coated bee

This past weekend was another full one with time spent with each family.  We watched Brenham play baseball on Saturday afternoon then went to dinner with my family at Maggiano's.  It's our last Easter on my side before my niece or nephew is born later this year and we wanted to start an Easter dinner tradition that we can carry on throughout the years.  Earlier in the day my Mom, Leslie and I had gone to a clothing store and as we were coming out of it we saw a truck cutting through the parking spot next to where I parked Allen's truck and then we witnessed Allen's truck being lifted off the ground and the sound of metal hitting metal.  The lady driving the other truck was going to just drive off before my (amazing or crazy) Mom ran in front of her truck and made her stop.  She didn't speak english and we couldn't communicate with her so we had to call the police.  Turned out that there wasn't a significant amount of visible damage to either vehicle but we will find out the total damage soon when the appraiser comes to visit us.  I was so mad that this lady did what she did with no regard to anyone.  Luckily she had insurance but was driving without a license which the police officer said is honestly a regular occurrence.  I will never understand anyone who doesn't feel the need to do what the rest of us have to in order to be an upstanding citizen.
On Sunday we went to church as a family then had a traditional Easter meal at Honey's.  Of course when I'm chatting & eating with my family I forget to take photos so there aren't very many from the morning.  Later on Sunday we went to my in-laws to celebrate Sandy's birthday and Easter with the kiddos.  It had rained all day so we had to hide the eggs inside which actually turned out pretty cute.  Allie took over one of the chairs and made it her egg-opening station where she searched each egg for M&M's.  The boys had a blast doing most of the egg hunting then bringing the pink & purple eggs to Allie.  We ate another traditional Easter meal and enjoyed time with them before we left to go see a movie with my cousin Rachael and her beau Adam.
We trekked it back to Austin on Monday and avoided most of the holiday traffic that way.  
It was a wonderful Easter weekend


Miss K said...

amazing weekend! i love your floral dress!

Mrs in Training said...

LOVE your dress, so cute. Great pictures!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I love your dress!!!!! Looks like you had an amazing Easter weekend!!!!

The Pink Growl said...

Love your Easter dress - so springy!

Jodi said...

I love your Easter dress. So pretty. Where did you get it?

Page Twenty-Two said...

Love all of your pictures! YIKES! I have seen sooo many car accidents recently - its crazy!! And no license? Just terrible...glad everyone is okay

Melissa W. said...

You make a very cute couple!!

I also love the picture from under the umbrella where you can see it's raining. Very nice!!

Sounds like you had a full weekend!!

Melissa W. said...

Oh...and that's probably a "Butterfly Bush" out front of your house, if it's being mobbed by butterflies...

Those bushes are so neat!

Amber said...

What a fun Easter weekend, LOVE your dress!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that about Allen's truck. I hope y'all are able to get it all taken care of quickly.

Meg O. said...

Allen is so adorable with the kids! Melt my heart. And I LOVE your Easter dress! You look great!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

so sorry to hear about the car. and amen to the whole being a good citizen thing.

You look amazing Jenn!

Allen must be so proud of his baseball playing nephew :)