Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Scrabble Tile Ornament

I'm always looking for some way to incorporate our married name into our decor.  If you were to come visit our house you might even suggest that I over do it with the 'R' stuff but I happen to love my new last name so I want to use it in every way possible.
That even applies to our Christmas decor.  I've got our wedding invitation ornament, an 'R' ornament from visiting the Gaylord Texan Ice exhibit with Savanah, a just married ornament with our last name on it and so on.  What I didn't have was this fun scrabble tile ornament I remembered seeing on Pinterest awhile back so this weekend I made one

super glue adhesive
card stock paper
scrabble tiles
jute yarn

Start by placing the tiles on the card stock paper and tracing around it, then cut.

Next apply glue to the paper and place the tiles in their appropriate order on the glue.  Let it set for 24 hours (if you use a glue like I did).

Finally, add a drop of glue to the back side, cut a string of jute to your desired length and place on drop of glue.  Let dry for another 24 hours.
Once it's fully set, hang from your tree and enjoy!


Melanie Montgomery said...

How cute, I love this.

Jodi said...

Very cute!

Sarah said...

Hi Jenn! New follower here. Love this idea! Especially since the hubs and I love board games like scrabble. And PS - I'm jealous of your weather right now... tomorrow is supposed to be 35 and snowy here. :(

Carolyn said...

SO CUTE!!! :)

Mrs in Training said...

I LOVE this idea for family gifts this year! So cute!!

Katie said...

I love this! And I'm with you-- there are H's all around our house now for my new name. Lol

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

I absolutely love this!! I just pinned this!

I wonder if my Hubby will notice a few missing letters from the Scrabble game? haha

Raquel said...

What a great idea for a customizable gift for others! Thanks for the idea!

Katie said...

Woo woo! Girlfriend where is mine? I can give you my address?!

haha jk :)


Thanks for linking up with us!

Lauren said...

Love this idea!!!!!!! :)

New follower!


Melissa @ Lulu & Sweet Pea said...

This is adorable! I would love it if you'd link it up to The Pinspiration Project :)

TRICIA said...


Katie Drane said...

I love this! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post in my 15 Homemade Gift Ideas post!


Melonie said...

I'm currently sick with the crud that you are getting over so I can imagine how bad you were with being pregnant on top of it all. Glad your doing better. So I have been spending time in bed going through OLD posts that I missed and stumbled upon this one. I used scrabble pieces and a cheap piece of wood and spelled out dirty & clean for the dishwasher. That way the boys know when I have ran it and when they get home from school they can unload. Congrats on the baby news... I have been out of the blogging world but getting ready to get back in! I've missed it and all of you! :)