Tuesday, January 15, 2013

two quick crafts + an update on our "Love Wall"

Can I just craft for a living?  Can someone make that happen for me?!
I swear it's what I love to do and I would happy to craft each and every day, all day

speaking of crafting everyday (which I pretty much do now anyways) these are my latest "crafts" I've done for myself and I've been kind of anxious to show them to y'all

So when I took down all our Christmas decor early last week our wreath obviously came down as well and our front door stayed blank for the remainder of the week.  Until I remembered the wreath my friend Mandy made for her little girl's room and I knew I had to recreate it somehow.  Seeing as I'm broke on a very strict budget, I just shopped around in my house to find things I already had that would work for the look I was going for.  The grapevine wreath was more than likely a goodwill purchase at one time or another and the R is one of many that I picked up from goodwill when they had a huge stash of R's for some reason awhile back for $.50 a piece.  The hydrangea cluster is from an arrangement I made that I rotate around the house (wherever it fits) and you can't even tell a piece is missing.
So after painting the R, then hot gluing it to the wreath and just stuffing the wire piece of the hydrangea cluster into the grapevine I have a new spring wreath that adds a pop of color to our front door.
Simple but perfect!

Another project that I've actually had going for awhile is this wood piece over our bed.  I love to check the scrap bin at Home Depot when they've finished cutting pieces for other customers and getting lucky with pieces of wood that they will give me for free.  Awhile back I scored a whole cart full of cedar planks that were in too good of shape for me to pass up.  I finally decided to do something with a few pieces before the holidays and assembled this piece with 6 pieces (4 as the front & two as support on the back).  I stained it and then Christmas came around and we went out of town.   Late last week I finally had a chance to paint something for myself so I got to work.  I chose to paint "to love and to cherish" for multiple reasons; one being we used that phrase on our wedding programs, favors & napkins and another because that's how we choose to treat each other.  We vowed to love and to cherish each other and this is just a great piece to remind us to slow down and enjoy each other every day that God blesses us.
I'm very happy with the outcome of this project even though it's imperfect.  Kind of fitting if you ask me

And lastly I wanted to show y'all our "Love wall" again and highlight our two newest pieces I added recently.  I know I said I was finished back when I showed it off in December but when a piece catches my eye and I know it will fit, I have to incorporate it!
So first I came across a greeting card one day while at Walgreens and I know you're probably wondering what a greeting card has to do with my wall but I'll get there I promise.  It's a new "signature" line from Hallmark and it caught my eye because it had a fun saying and because it was was a 3D card made out of wood.  I stopped, picked it up and could have cared less that I found it in the card aisle because I knew I was going to take that little wood piece off of the card and put in in a shadow box I had at home.  So that's where the "You & Me" piece came from . . . a greeting card y'all.
Then a few days ago when I was shopping for bridal shower supplies at Michael's I found the "You make my heart smile" metal sign on their dollar aisle and it was just too perfect to pass up.
I've got one more piece that was part of my Christmas gift from my brother-n-law (he drew my name for our gift exchange) but I'm altering it just a little before I hang it up.  The font on it is a deep red and for some reason it just doesn't look right on the wall since red isn't a color used so as soon as I give it a "face lift" I'll hang it as well.
And then maybe I'll be done.


Happy Tuesday y'all!


Jenn said...

The wall looks really nice! Love all of the cute touches :)

Katie said...

love your wall! such a great inspiration!

Ashley @ this girl is... anratliff said...

I need to create a wreathe for my front door. I love that its simple enough that even I could pull it off!

Jennifer said...

The wall looks great!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Carolyn R said...

SO CUTE! I absolutely love it all!!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I LOVE your Love Wall! I have that same picture frame... "You're my happily ever after." I actually just bought it yesterday! I almost bought the "Love you more" sign too, but I didn't. Where did you get the Texas cutout? Do you think they have Kentucky?

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I just saw your shop with the signs! I'm so behind. I would love to have a Kentucky one :-)

Allison said...

I love the "to love and to cherish" sign. How did you do that? Do you sell something similar too? Super cute :)

Lauren said...

Crafting is so fun! I didn't know they would give you scrap pieces for free!?

Shannon Page said...

I love everything about this!! You are so creative!:)

Amber said...

You are SO creative. I love that you take the little things and make them into something so cute!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

You has such an eye for this. I love your wall of art so much. I think it's my very favorite gallery wall. Awesome job. And I want that wood piece you found.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Shared this on NewlyWoodwards today.

Annie said...

You're so crafty!!! I'm jealous of your skills!!