Tuesday, January 21, 2014

38 week bump-date

On Saturday January 18, 2014 - I was 38 weeks pregnant!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along:
38 weeks 3 days 

Size of baby: 
According to The Bump, baby girl is the size of a pumpkin this week

Maternity Clothes:
Yes and no.  Still wearing a mixture of both on top and pretty much anything that fits and is comfy but I will admit that the belly has grown to a size that most non-maternity tops don't completely cover it.  Maternity pants for months though! 
I can't wait to get back into my pre-pregnancy blouses since they're my favorite tops.  

GIRL!! If you missed that post, go here!  And if you missed her name announcement, go here!

For the most part she's still a wiggle worm but I had my first "no movement for a significant amount of time" scare yesterday.  Since that, she's been pretty regular with her movements again which I'm very thankful for.

Sleep is still not going so well.  Some nights are better than others but I definitely get up more times then ever for a potty break.  I truly miss all the amazing nights of sleep I used to get.

What I miss: 
Still really miss sleeping on my stomach the most but I also really miss being comfortable and not having to pee all the time. Oh and because the past two months the belly has done some significant growing, I've got some ridiculous stretch marks popping up and I hate them.  I miss my stretch mark free body :(

Cravings are ridiculous for me in these last few weeks.  I truly feel like they've been so much stronger and more "I have to have it" then ever before.  Right at this moment all I can think about is the Subway tuna sandwich on honey oat I'm about to go indulge in!
This past weekend I couldn't get enough raspberries, granny smith apples and I keep indulging in some egg-free cookie dough that I found the recipe for on pinterest!
I think I've eaten my weight in blueberry yogurt throughout this pregnancy and also in clementines.  Those are for sure my consistent favorites.

My back pain is still my number one complaint but I've added indigestion & heartburn back into the mix lately (even though I'm still on Nexium daily) as well as the frequent bathroom trips and lack of sleep.  And I really could go on and on about how uncomfortable I am lately.  Also, I'm super tired most of the day, no matter if I just woke up or have been going all day.

Favorite Moment(s) This Week: 
We got our stroller late last week and I finally put it together on Saturday.  I love that the whole system is ready for our little girl when she decides she's ready to make her debut.  My parents also sent the bassinet they used with my brother and me with my Aunt who was coming back to town on Sunday and she dropped it off for us.  I set it up next to my side of the bed and can't wait for her to finish the bedding for it so it will be completely ready as well.

Worst Moment(s) This Week:
I'll expand on the scare just for documents sake.  On Sunday she wasn't moving much at all and I honestly kept thinking about it but kept forgetting too if that makes sense.  However, neither Allen nor I slept very well Sunday night and when he woke up for work around 5:30am I stayed awake reading a book I've gotten into since I couldn't fall back asleep.  By 6:30am I was hungry and got up to make myself some scrambled eggs and had a blueberry yogurt as well.  I laid back down in bed thinking I would attempt to fall back asleep when it hit me that I hadn't felt her the entire time I'd been awake.  I had some orange juice and continued reading but eventually I did fall back asleep.  I woke about 10am or so and had this nagging feeling that it was just too odd to not be feeling her at all so I called my doctor's office.  When I hadn't heard back by 11am I got dressed and just went up there.  They of course were busy so I was told to have a seat and they would get me as soon as they could.  As soon as I sat down she started having hiccups (which I knew was a great sign) but I went ahead and stayed to get checked out.  I had stressed myself out enough that my blood pressure was of course higher than it's ever been but thankfully not at a scary number.  My doctor checked my cervix only to find that it's still closed for business and then did an ultrasound to check on Betty.  She was moving around, her heartbeat was great and my fluid levels were just fine.  Whew!
He made me more aware of how many movements I should feel during an hour and if I don't then I'm to have something sugary, wait a little while and if she still isn't moving then to come back in.  He wasn't pleased with me that I went all Sunday without calling him to have her checked but thankfully she's just fine.  He also started the discussion with us on how long I want to stay pregnant and our options for induction and of course the possibility of a c-section if needed.  If I didn't feel like time was ticking fast before then I for sure do now.  So much for us to decide on!

Looking Forward To:
I'll have another appointment next Tuesday and we will make our decision then depending on my progress.


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