Thursday, February 20, 2014

Betty Leigh: A Birth Story

I last updated here at 39 weeks but I did actually make it to 40 weeks two days.

It all started on Sunday, February 2nd when we were having a normal morning at home before we decided to head to the grocery store to get ingredients for Buffalo Chicken dip to take to our friends house for their Super Bowl party later in the day.  Before we went to the store I noticed that I had leaked a little fluid but didn't think much of it since it was such a small amount.  This happened a couple more times as the day went on and I finally googled it on my phone to see what the deal was.  We were snacking on lots of great food at the party by now and Allen had already enjoyed a couple of beers but we decided that I would call my doctor just to make sure it wasn't more serious.  Since it was Sunday I had to call the after hours line and wait for a phone call back.  Thankfully, I didn't have to wait too long before we finally heard from my doctor and I told him what had been going on.  He told me that to be safe I needed to head to the ER and have a test to see if it was amniotic fluid that was leaking.
We got checked into the hospital and they started the tests around 5:30pm.  We sent our family in Dallas text messages letting them know we had gone to the hospital but would get back with them as soon as we had any concrete information.  The nurse doing the test assured me that if I was leaking I wouldn't be leaving the hospital until our baby arrived and that's when we knew that before long, she would be here.  The tests showed that I was leaking amniotic fluid at a slow pace and that I was having contractions every 4 minutes that I wasn't even aware of.  We let our families know that it was go time and they should head down.

We were brought into a labor and delivery room to get comfortable for our stay of unknown length and got comfortable in our new space.  My parents decided to get their bags and head to Austin that night and arrived sometime around 2am.  Allen's parents went ahead and got some sleep then got up around 4am to drive down.

I was hooked up to the machines to monitor my blood pressure and Betty's heartbeat and told to get some rest.  They started me on Cervidil at 8:25pm to begin softening my cervix since I still wasn't dilated at all and I started to actually feel contractions around 9pm.  They weren't uncomfortable at the time but I still couldn't convince myself to fall asleep so I was given ambien to help me get some rest. 
Throughout the night my contractions got stronger so they started IV pain meds at 2:40am and from there I was able to get some sleep.
The next morning at 8am my cervix was checked again and I had dilated to 1cm so the Cervidil was taken out and Pitocin was started at 10am to induce labor.  I was checked again at 11am only to find that I was dilated to 1.5cm.  Sometime after 11am my water officially broke and there was no mistaking it this time!  Contractions were stronger after that and I was using the button to administer pain meds quite a bit but I finally couldn't take the pain anymore so I requested the epidural and it was administered at 12:45pm.  It was such a strange feeling going numb like that but for some reason I was still feeling pain in my right hip area so the anesthesiologist had to come back in around 3:15pm to adjust the needle.  For a little while I felt okay but the pain on my right side came back and we discussed him just redoing the epidural all together in case it was crooked or just not inserted perfectly.  This was a scary time for me because I was still feeling pain even when all I've ever heard about epidurals was that they were a miracle drug and I would feel amazing once getting one.  I really started to doubt myself and if I could do this whole labor thing if the little bit of pain I was feeling would multiply once I started to push, etc.  I was checked again at 4pm but had only dilated to 2cm then checked again at 6:30pm and only at 2.5cm.  Every contraction was making Betty's heart rate drop significantly but after it she would be perfect and it would go back to normal until the next contraction.  This sent red flags up for everyone so my doctor was called in to chat with us about the next steps.  Of course it was still up to us at this point because Betty wasn't in distress but if we kept going at the pace we were then the decisions would be taken away from us if she were to start showing signs of decline so after going over all the details we made the decision to start the c-section process.  There was no way I wanted to risk anything for either of us and all we wanted was a healthy baby and mommy at the end of this process.

All our family came in to see us before we were whisked off to surgery and it was super emotional.  I felt like I had failed in a way to do what I'd originally dreamed of with having a vaginal birth and I was scared out of my mind about having my first surgery ever.  Getting wheeled into the operating room was one of the most terrifying moments of my life and the shakes were uncontrollable.  Allen and I were separated while they prepped me and administered my spinal tap to ensure that I was completely numb and then he was brought in to be by my side right before they began my c-section a little after 8:30pm.  All I remember were the feelings of tugging and pressure (thank goodness) while my doctor and his assistant chatted about music and day-to-day events on the other side of the blue sheet.

Next thing I knew, I heard the most beautiful cries in the whole world and our Betty Leigh was delivered at 9:35pm.  She was rushed over to the pediatrician in the room to be looked over, weighed, measured and cleaned while Daddy snapped photo after photo of his baby girl.  He was then able to cut her umbilical cord which was caught on photo for us by one of the nurses.  It felt like forever and a split second all at the same time before she was finally brought over to me so I could meet her.  I've never fallen in love so deep and fast before as when I was introduced to our precious, perfect baby girl.

At 9:35pm on Monday, February 3, 2014 Betty Leigh entered our lives and it was the most magical moment I've ever experienced

We've been wrapped around her little fingers ever since


Carolyn said...

BAH! Love this! :) I had to have an unplanned c-section, and while it wasn't what I "wanted", I'm so glad I did it, because like you said "healthy baby and mommy are what's important!"

She is absolutely precious!!! Congratulations!

Amy said...

She's so sweet!! Congratulations! I had a similar birth story with my first. A C-Section wasn't my plan either and I was scared as well, but once I heard that sweet cry, none of that really mattered. :-)

Emily said...

We didn't have much luck with the cervidil eiter! They administered it at 7pm and by 7pm the next day I had only dilated 4 CM (from 2 to 6). They ended up having to rupture my membranes and inducing labour that way. And seriously lady - those pitocin contractions are no joke. They are hard and fast. The only good thing about pushing is that the lesson the pain of the contractions - but make you dead tired. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. I love seeing her face in my instagram feed.

Brianne Bracco said...

So so precious :) Happy for your beautiful little family and congrats on becoming parents!

Miranda said...

she is such a cute baby! congrats to you and your family!!!

Shannon Boyce said...

Aww congratulations! What a beautiful baby :)

Nicole M. Hutchison said...


sherryhome76 said...

Love your story & feelings! It was a GREAT Day for ALL of us!!! Can't wait to visit again soon. Love & Hugs!

Beth Ann said...

She is soooo perfect! So very happy for you! You seem to have taken on your new role as mama so naturally! It's been fun to watch it take place on ig! ;)

shay said...

Congrats! She is adorable!

Katherine Lacabe said...

What a great post! I love that little face! Congrats!!! I just found your blog and added your button to my blog -

Heather said...

Well done, Sister. And hats off to you for rolling with it when things didn't go as planned.

Glad you guys are well. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

What a beautiful story, I am so happy that you are both healthy, despite things not going as "planned"… maybe you have a strong willed little lady on your hands!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

What a beautiful story, I am so happy that you are both healthy, despite things not going as "planned"… maybe you have a strong willed little lady on your hands!