Monday, March 3, 2014

Betty Leigh: 1 Month

I cannot believe our little girl is one month old!  Time has flown by and it's insane to me that a month has passed since her birth.
Betty has absolutely transformed our lives in most amazing way possible.  I am head over heels in love with her and being her mommy is the best thing I've ever done.  I truly love every moment with her even when she's fussy and I miss her when I'm not holding her.  She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen and I can't stop staring at her all day, every day.
One of my most favorite things ever is seeing her with her Daddy.  That will never get old.  He's so good with her and it is just incredibly sweet seeing him interact with her.  He's become so protective of her and even more of me now and it's very endearing.  I love our little family so much and can't imagine life any other way than how it is now.

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

1 month old

Weight:  at birth she was 7lbs. 12oz., when we left the hospital she was 7lbs. 6oz., at one week she was 7lbs. 14 oz., at two weeks she was 8lbs. 9oz., at three weeks she was 8lbs. 15.5oz and at one month she's 9lbs. 5oz.!

Health:  All of her screenings have come back with perfect results however at three weeks old we noticed she was getting increasingly fussy after feedings and would only seem to calm down after she spit up.  On February 25th after her last feeding before bed she spit up at least five times within a 20 minute period and was very fussy/crying constantly.  I knew that she wasn't feeling well so I called the pediatrician first thing the next morning and took her in to chat with her doctor about the possibility of her having reflux.  We went over all the details of the past week or so and how I felt she was acting after eating and that she never wanted to be laying flat on her back.  After that appointment her doctor decided that we would try her on reflux medication to see if it would help her feel better.  She's been on the medicine for five whole days now and I haven't really noticed much of a difference except that she isn't spitting up nearly as much (maybe twice a day now).  She's still fussy at all times during the day that's unexplained so at her one month appointment we discussed that she could have a combination of reflux and colic.  I've cut out dairy as of February 27th and I'm hoping that helps her out as well as her just growing out of these "issues" sooner rather than later.  Hopefully we will have a much different update on this subject at two months.

Sleep:  Betty is a great sleeper . . . during the day.  I'm having the hardest time keeping her up during the day because all I want to do (and her as well) is hold her and stare at her.  Nighttime hasn't been the easiest and I'm attributing that to her reflux because she hates to be laid flat.  Until this weekend all I've had to lay her in was her bassinet and there were nights that she would wake up every 45 minutes.  Saturday we finally got a rock'n'play and after two nights I'm officially in love with it!  Having her sleep at an incline has been amazing for her and we've been able to get a couple hours in at a time.

Social:  She's still too young to be too social so we've only had two outings to the grocery store with her so far.  She doesn't get her full set of vaccinations until the first week of April so until then we've limited her visits with some family and most friends unless they've had the t-dap/pertussis shot since you can be a carrier of whooping cough and not even know it.  I want to keep her healthy!

Diet:  I'm exclusively breast feeding 100% of the time.  I haven't gotten a pump yet but intend to soon so that Daddy can enjoy giving her a bottle and I can have a little bit more freedom.  I've enjoyed the bonding that breast feeding has given us and have loved being her source of nurishment.  I feel blessed that breast feeding has come so easily (aside from the early bout of mastitis and a pretty severely cracked nipple) for both of us.  She took to it so easily right after birth and with her weight gain going like it is, I know that I've had a pretty decent supply for her throughout this first month.

Clothes:  Our little girl is petite for sure.  She may be gaining weight like a champ but she's still in newborn clothes (some are even still too big) and newborn diapers.  I've tried putting her in some of the 0-3 month clothing just to have some variety since she's worn all of the newborn clothing multiple times but anything larger just swallows her up.

Baby Gear Love:  We are definitely fans of the Fisher Price Rock 'N Play after just two uses so far, the Homedics myBaby Soundspa (Godsend!), Pampers newborn Swaddlers, Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system and the Boppy.

Crying:  She only cries for a couple reasons (fighting sleep and fussy after feedings/needing to spit up) and the rest of the time she's a content, happy baby.

Likes: I've got her changing pad set-up on our long dresser with the mirror above it still attached and she absolutely loves to look in the mirror while getting her diaper changed/dressed.  She also loves to eat, nap, she kicks her feet like crazy, loves car rides and her Infantinio Topsy Turtle Mirror Pal.

Milestones:  Her umbilical cord stump fell off at 19 days old (February 22nd)

Postpartum:  I gained 44 lbs while pregnant and I'm down 30 lbs at one month out naturally. I feel pretty great after having my first surgery and although I'm still trying to limit my activities until my next checkup on the 13th, I can't wait to start working out with Allen doing the P90X we got for Christmas.  I've had some emotional moments for sure, especially about lack of sleep, but for the most part I'm emotional about how in love with our little girl I am.  Life has changed so much but I feel so blessed to get to experience this amazing journey of being Betty's mama.

Happy One Month Betty Leigh!


Vicki P said...

Happy 1 Month babygirl! She is beautiful!

Shannon Boyce said...

Aww congrats! She is so so beautiful.

Carolyn said...

What an absolute sweetheart!!! So glad everything is going well!! I think every baby should come with a Rock N Play!! They're like magic! Haha!