Saturday, May 3, 2014

Betty Leigh: 3 months

3 months old

-Weight:  She's now up to 13 pounds (I only know this because I weighed myself then weighed myself holding her to find out because her next doctor appointment isn't until 4 months old)

-Health:  I'm guessing she's a pretty healthy baby since she has a great appetite and produces the required diapers a day.  I've introduced dairy back into my diet and she seems to not be fazed at all by it so that's a plus. She still spits up but I've been assured that it's completely normal so all in all I would say she's as healthy as a three month old can be

-Sleep:  She is still not that great of a daytime napper and I still hold her for them to get any length at all to her naps.  If I've got to get something done during the day I do it while she's playing on her activity mat in between feedings and naps (on me).  I'm going to cherish the naps she takes on me while I still can because I know they won't last forever and I don't feel bad about it at all.  We did try one day to get her to nap in her crib and she lasted about 45 minutes but I haven't tried it again.  She sleeps great at night and usually only has one middle of the night nursing session then goes back to sleep pretty easily

Social:  We took our first roadtrip back home to Dallas where she got to meet so many family members she hadn't yet met, we've done quite a few mommy+kiddo lunch dates and she goes on all our errands with us of course.  She's a little social butterfly now and it's so fun showing her off!

Diet:  I'm still exclusively breast feeding 100% of the time and she's a great "eater". We've done so well with this the past three months and I'm so thankful it's come so easily for us both.  I've yet to get a pump but have found out that I am approved for the Medela In-Style pump starter kit through insurance so as soon as I can I'll get that and give pumping/bottles a try.  I'm not in any huge hurry though because I honestly cherish our nursing sessions even if she's got such a great internal clock that she's hungry every few hours

Clothes:  For the most part she's in 0-3 month clothing but since sizes range so much she's also in some 3-6 month clothes as well.  She is still in size 1 diapers because I'm trying to use what we have but we may switch to size 2 here this month.  I've found that we aren't Huggies fans at all and I'm really not impressed with Pampers size 1 swaddlers like I was the newborns but I'm absolutely loving Target's Up and Up size 1's since we've not had a single leak or blowout while using them.  I'm still having so much fun dressing her each day even if we don't ever get out of the house.  She's got plenty of clothes and could probably go the next month wearing something different everyday

Baby Gear Love:  We are still big fans of the Fisher Price Rock 'N Play and would recommend it to all parents-to-be, the Homedics myBaby Soundspa (Godsend!), our activity mat (hand-me-down), Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes (such a great toy for her to listen to and look at) and our new addition of a bouncer/rocker chair (that my parents gave us) that I can use in the kitchen or bathroom while I'm showering/getting ready so that I'm not moving the rock 'n play all over the place.

Crying:  She only cries for a couple reasons (fighting sleep and fussy after feedings/needing to spit up) and the rest of the time she's a content, happy baby.

-Likes: She still loves to talk to her reflection in the mirror and talks to her toys that hang from her activity mat while kicking her feet and waving her arms like crazy. She's also enjoying bath time so much more now and loves the massage with coconut oil she gets afterwards.  We love going on walks as a family since the weather is so nice and she's a little chatterbox when you lay her in your lap.  But one of her absolute favorite things though is to gnaw on her hands/fists and attempt to put the whole thing in her mouth!

Milestones:  This past month has been full of new things for Betty!  I laid her down on her activity mat (4/11) so I could run to the restroom and when I came back she had "scooted" to a new position!  Then on 4/18 she rolled to her side for the first time and we were even able to get it on video since she found it fun enough to keep doing!  She slept through the night for the first time on 4/16 and had her first nap (45 minutes) in her crib on 4/26

Postpartum:  I'm still working on losing weight and I'm okay with the fact that it's not just melting off because I'd much rather spend all my time with Betty over working out.  I'm applying Mederma religiously due to the stretch marks I received during the last month or so of pregnancy and I'd have to say that those are my biggest dislike even over my weight.  I'm actually pretty emotional almost all of the time as well so I would have to say that my hormones are still all over the place.  My skin has started breaking out again and my usual routine of Murad cleansing products isn't doing it's job anymore and it's so frustrating but I'm not sure if it's a postpartum thing or a reaction to the Mirena iud I got

Looking forward to:  She is such an active baby during the day that I'm hoping we can get her a jumparoo for her to play in soon; I just know she would really enjoy it.  I'm also really looking forward to my first Mother's Day with her and our families.  We will of course be traveling again for it which is a bit stressful and we don't have the ability to buy gifts for anyone this year but I know it will be special regardless.  Just being her mother is the most priceless gift I could ever imagine

Happy Three Months Betty Leigh!

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