Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Betty Leigh: 4 months

4 months old

-Weight:  She's now up to 13.3 pounds!

-Health:  The past couple weeks she's been spitting up more frequently with a greater amount so I'm anxious to see if me cutting out dairy again (as of yesterday) will help her out.  It's hard on me but I'd rather she be healthier even if I have to struggle with my diet.  At her next doctor visit I hope to get their opinion on her health and how she's growing of course so maybe by month 5 we will have her on the right track.

-Sleep:  She's been sleeping through the night for almost a month now and it's been so amazing! I love getting a full nights rest and love that some nights she may sleep close to 12 hours!  I still can't get her to take a nap for longer than 30 minutes in her crib or rock n'play but she sleeps for 2 hours sometimes if I'm holding her.  We will keep working on it and hopefully get her napping in her crib before she's walking.

Social:  We still spend the majority of our time here at home which I feel is great because we get tons of time with just us as a family and hopefully less germs that way.  She of course goes on all our errands and every time we see someone new they comment on how beautiful she is which of course makes us all smile. She went to her first baseball game this past weekend with the select organization Allen has coached with for the past 9 years and it was so fun showing her off to all the people her Daddy has worked with for so long.

Diet:  She is still exclusively breast feeding/nursing 100% of the time but I did finally get a pump from insurance in the mail yesterday. I'm excited to have her try a bottle soon so her Daddy can feed her and get some back up milk stored up in case we'd like a night out or I'd like a "mommy break."

Clothes:  There's only a few 0-3 month outfits that still fit her so mostly she's in 3-6 months plus some 6 and 6-9 months just depending on sizing.  She's in size 2 diapers and she finally fits into newborn shoes!

Baby Gear Love:  This past month we got a used Baby Einstein jumparoo and it's been the best thing ever for her because she's so active with her legs.  She's also great in the Bumbo as of this last month and her new best friend is Sophie.  And of course we are still fans of all the same loves from last month.

Crying:  She fusses quite a bit lately (not a lot of full on crying) but I'm still guessing that it has to do with my dairy intake that I had started back up and it effecting her body.  Other than that she still only cries when she's overly tired and desperately needing to sleep.

-Likes:  It's amazing that the more they learn, the more you learn about them and their personalities start to show!  She's so fun these days with all that she likes to do and the list is so long.  She loves when her Daddy makes her "walk" and she does it pretty well for an infant.  She loves to grab her Baby Einstein take along music toy that I have hanging from her activity mat with her feet and presses the button. She loves blowing spit bubbles and talking to you. She loves rolling to her side and she still loves talking to the cute baby in the mirror.  She loves kicking her feet during bath time and jumping in her jumparoo but most of all, she really loves sucking her thumb.

Milestones:  This past month has been full of new things for Betty!  We were on our way home from dinner with family on May 18th when she finally started sucking her thumb instead of just chewing/gnawing on it.  On May 23rd she started blowing spit bubbles while I was changing her diaper and has been doing it ever since.  I went to start tummy time with her on May 26th and almost immediately after I laid her down on her stomach she rolled over to her back; she then repeated it 3 more times that night but has only done it one time since.  And then on May 28th she grabbed her feet for the first time and has been obsessed with them ever since.

Postpartum:  I haven't lost any weight nor gained any since I lost in the first month.  I'm okay with the fact that I've stayed consistent since I'm having to keep my calories up for breast feeding and at least I'm not gaining while doing so. As long as I'm able to provide nutrition for Betty then I'm okay with staying where I'm at. The Mirena took it's toll on me when I first got it (in a TMI way) but I think my body has gotten used to it this past month.  I'm still emotional but we have lots going on in our lives these days and some of it is pretty stressful so I feel like I can attribute most of my emotions to that since all I feel for Betty is an immense, indescribable love.

Looking forward to:  I'm this-close to finishing her nursery and can't wait to have it complete to show off.  It's been such a labor of love and I can't wait to have her in it more often here soon.  We are looking forward to Allen's first Father's Day and waiting to find out what he wants to do to celebrate.  She has her 4 month doctor visit next week with a new pediatrician and I'm looking forward to that to see the difference in them and the last doctor.

Happy Four Months Betty Leigh!


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

She is so beautiful! It's amazing how quick it is all happening! I feel like I blinked and my baby is suddenly 8 months old. I am planning to cut out dairy to see if it helps to clear up my daughter's eczema. Any favorite dairy-free substitutes? Also, I am looking into Mirena. Would love to hear what you think! :)

Melissa LaRose said...

She is gorgeous! Happy Four Months Betty!!! :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Such a cutie! Happy Four Months!

Faith Yates said...

She is so beautiful! Happy 4 months!